The Lookout

The Lookout by Elmarie Hirschhorn

When news broke that Kiara has given birth to cubs it caused an absolute frenzy with people streaming to Rietvlei to catch a sight of the delightful fur balls. I desperately wanted to see them and visited Rietvlei almost every weekend. It was, however, not until the 7th of June 2016 that I got my wish.

I decided to go in the afternoon during the week when the reserve is not so busy. I drove around for about two hours and around 16:00 I left Finfoot hide and decided to head for the Otter bridge. As I drove past the T-junction on the way, my eye caught movement to the left. I stopped, reversed and to my absolute delight, I saw them as they were playing on the road.

I slowly drove up to where they were and parked a couple of meters away. Kiara was as relaxed as can be while the little ones played to their heart’s content. After a while, she got up and started towards the main road. She was going at a very relaxed pace, often taking time to lie down and groom one of the cubs.

It took her about 20 minutes to reach the T-junction at the main road and she got onto the stone marker to survey the surroundings while the cubs played around it. Eventually, she stepped down and went for a lie-down on the tar road. The cubs were playing and being curious around the stone marker. Eventually, this little one got up on the marker and started surveying as he had seen his mother do. And then he sat down, and the light bathed him in a lovely golden colour. I snapped away with delight!

Since that day I have managed to spend time with them a few more times and have many lovely shots to show for it, but this one remains my absolute favourite.

Photography is my hobby, one I enjoy thoroughly. I enjoy being out in nature, taking photos and I also enjoy the processing that follows as this gives my creative wings. I regularly post in the Rietvlei Nature Reserve Facebook and other wildlife groups and you are welcome to follow me on Facebook.

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