Rietvlei is my local reserve and I have spent many happy days photographing it’s wildlife and meeting it’s many visitors from all over Gauteng, South Africa and the world. This website is privately funded and maintained as a service to everyone who visits Rietvlei and for the benefit of the wider Rietvlei community.

I am always very grateful for the generous content provided by others and am always looking for content, stories, photographs, tips and advice. If you would like to share a picture or story for publication then please, please do so! HERE

The Rietvlei eGuide website runs a Photo of the Month and Photo of the Year contest and produces a yearly journal of photographs for free. Please consider joining in – these pictures and our Rietvlei community are what makes Rietvlei such a special place to visit – Your stories and photos are important!

By promoting Rietvlei we are preserving it and the animals that call it home, for future generations.

Photographer’s Guide eBooks

For a number of years, I have been working on a project to make certain less well known and publicised reserves more attractive to tourists and photographers. I was inspired to do this because, as a South African who wasn’t born and raised in SA, I had no real knowledge and network to supply information on great local photographic locations.
I found that many of the areas I discovered and visited had very limited online information. If they possessed a website at all, it was most often out-of-date or inaccurate.

In South Africa, the big, popular parks and reserves are well covered. The local reserves, the ones that we should be visiting all the time, the ones that protect highly threatened areas and species are left to themselves. Unknown and underfunded.

The Photographer’s Guide series is an attempt to rectify that. To provide good local “intel” to local photographers in order to encourage, through the sharing of their photography, more visits, more interest and more money for the reserves we need to protect.

I see the Photographer’s Guides as more than just my own project. I think the format works (interactive eGuides for smartphones). I think the format works because the guide is there with you, in your pocket when needed. More than that, I think it is a platform that other people can use to build additional guides.

If you feel you have good local knowledge and want to share it, then I want to hear from you. I would love to help you put that knowledge into a format that can be useful to many others. To promote underfunded, or unknown areas and to build Southern African tourism.

You are very welcome to sell your work, but I will happily assist you to publish it with my framework for free – simply because this information is good for conservation.

Eventually, I’d love to see a whole host of local titles hosted on the Photographer’s Guide site that anyone can dive into, enjoy and benefit from.

To date, I have published two local guides: Rietvlei and Marievale. I have more in the pipeline and you are very welcome to join in with your own.

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