Information Rietvlei Dam Nature Reserve


The Rietvlei Nature Reserve is looking forward to welcome self-drive day visitors.
We want to apologise for any delays you may experience at our gates when checking in, but we trust that you understand that protocols are in place for your safety!


  • Ensure that you have had no exposure to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. If you were exposed, please stay home.
  • Pack a rubbish bag.
  • Ensure that each person has a mask and sufficient hand sanitiser.
  • Take note of COVID-19 travel restrictions with regard to the number of people per vehicle (70% occupancy).
  • Remember your driving licence or identity document.
  • Remember drinks and food for consumption in the car. Take-aways are available at the coffee shop (08:00 – 16:00). Cell no/Whatsapp 082 500 4422.

General information:

Gate times will be 7:00 to 17:00. Entrance into the reserve only until 15:00.
Entry will be denied if you have no mask.
Only Self-drive excursions are allowed. Bird hides and Picnic areas are closed.
Strict quotas will apply. Only 50 vehicles will be permitted in the reserve.
The security personnel will scan ALL the persons in a vehicle at the gate before the visitors enter the vehicle gate. Any vehicle with a person with a temperature higher than 38 °C will be asked to turn around.
Remember your temperature for recording on the COVID-19 visitors register.
NO PERSON MUST RECORD THEIR OWN DETAILS IN THE REGISTER. The security guard will record the details and no signature is required.
An identity document must be shown for the security guard to record in the COVID-19 visitors register. The date of birth can be given for children younger than 16.
The security guard must record a telephone number.
The vehicle licence disk will be scanned.
A form will be completed by the personnel at the gate to keep track of the amount of vehicles in the reserve. This form will record the make, colour, registration number and amount of people in the vehicle. Once a vehicle leaves the reserve another vehicle will be allowed.
Only eight vehicles will be allowed at a time in the parking area at the main entrance.
Visitors must remain in vehicles until the person controlling visitors indicates that visitors can advance to the pay point.
Only one person will be allowed out of the vehicle to enter the cashier building.
Only card payments will be allowed.
Visitors must insert their card in the machine and use a pen to enter the PIN number.
Only one person will be allowed in the toilet facility at any time.
Season ticket holders can proceed immediately to the boom, where they will show their card to enter the reserve.
Only the following ablution facilities will be available:
Main gate – only one person allowed at any time
Coffee shop – only one person allowed at any time
The speed limit is 30 km/hour. No speeding is allowed.
You may not leave your vehicle during game viewing or when taking a photo inside the reserve.
You are not allowed to drive off the road when viewing animals and taking photos.
No pets are allowed.
No littering is allowed.
No firearms or any type of hunting is allowed.
No loud music is allowed.
The City of Tshwane reserves the right to search any vehicle without furnishing any reasons and without a warrant.
No flying of drones is allowed.
No fishing or swimming is allowed.
If you experience any clinical symptoms, please seek medical advice immediately.
COVID-19 hotline: 0800 029 999
WhatsApp support line: 0600 123 456

Normal General Information

Rietvlei dam nature reserve is roughly 3,800 hectares in size and is located 18km Southeast of Pretoria. The reserve was proclaimed in 1948 around the Rietvlei and Marais dams. It protects valuable Bankenveld grassland and is home to many of the highveld’s natural wildlife species.

The reserve boasts a very good internal road network, a delightful coffee shop and hosts many activities; from lion tours to hiking, from horse riding to fishing, canoeing and sailing.
Accommodation and event venues are available for booking inside the reserve. Rietvlei is owned and maintained by the City of Tshwane.

Rietvlei is a photographic and wildlife hotspot, close to the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. It has to be one of the few places in the world where one can see wild and free African wildlife (including species that are NOT present in Kruger or the Kgalagadi) so close to large international airports.

If you have a day or even a few hours to spare on your trip to Southern Africa then visit Rietvlei!

Rietvlei Gate times for day visitors

Please note that the Angling Gate closes early

Winter – April to August – 6am to 6pm (you may not enter
after 4pm)

Summer – September to March – 5:30am to 7pm (you may not
enter after 5pm)

Rietvlei Tariffs

Adults                                         R59 (Correct as at 1st July, 2018)

Children 0-2                               R0

Children 2-6                               R11

Children 7-17                             R35

Adults 60+ (with proof)             R34

6 month season ticket              R850

6 month season 60+ & kids     R396

Penalties for late exit                R265 (Correct as at 1st October, 2017)

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